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Park Slope

  Park Slope, Brooklyn  is a neighborhood in western Brooklyn, New York City's most populous borough. Park Slope is roughly bounded by Prospect Park West to the east, Fourth Avenue to the west, Flatbush Avenue to the north, and Greenwood Cemetery to the south, though other definitions are sometimes offered. Generally the section from Flatbush Ave. to Garfield Place (the "name streets") are considered the North Slope, 1st St. through 9th Street is considered the "Center Slope" and 10th St. through theProspect Expressway is the "South Slope."[2][3][4] The neighborhood takes its name from its location on the western slope of neighboring Prospect Park. Fifth Avenue and Seventh Avenue are its primary commercial streets, while its east-west side streets are populated by many historic brownstones.

Park Slope features historic buildings, top-rated restaurants, bars, and shops, as well as proximity to Prospect Park, theBrooklyn Academy of Music, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, and theCentral Library (as well as the Park Slope branch) of the Brooklyn Public Library system.[5]

The neighborhood had a population of about 62,200 as of the 2000 census,[6] resulting in a population density of approximately 68,000/square mile, or approximately 26,000/square kilometer.

Park Slope is considered one of New York City's most desirable neighborhoods. In 2010, it was ranked number 1 in New York by New York Magazine citing its quality public schools, dining, nightlife, shopping, access to public transit, green space, quality housing, safety, and creative capital, among other aspects.[7]

It was named one of the "Greatest Neighborhoods in America" by the American Planning Association in 2007, "for its architectural and historical features and its diverse mix of residents and businesses, all of which are supported and preserved by its active and involved citizenry." [8]

In December 2006, Natural Home magazine named Park Slope one of America's ten best neighborhoods based on criteria including parks, green spaces and neighborhood gathering spaces; farmer’s markets and community gardens; public transportation and locally owned businesses; and environmental and social policy.[9] Park Slope is part ofBrooklyn Community Board 6.