Brighton Beach

 Brighton Beach (Russian???????-???) is an oceanside neighborhood in the southern parts of New York City borough of Brooklyn. As of 2007, it has a population of 75,692 with a total of 31,228 households.[1] It is known for its high population of Russian-speaking immigrants[2] and as a summer destination for New York City residents due to its beaches along the Atlantic Ocean and its proximity to the amusement parks in Coney Island. The neighborhood served as the setting for the 1983 Neil Simon play Brighton Beach Memoirs, a coming of age story about a family living there during the Great Depression.[3] More recently, it has been used as a setting for New York television shows such as Law & OrderBlue Bloods, and Person of Interest. In August 2011, areality TV series, Russian Dolls, followed the lives of eight women living in the community.[4]